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Celebrating Military Families

Celebrating-Military-Families-11-16-16.pngIn November, the nation takes time to celebrate and honor all of those who have served in our armed forces and their families during Military Families Month. Throughout the month, military families who serve our nation all around the world are recognized for their commitment and the sacrifices they make for our nation’s security.
NMSI is proudly working to ensure consistent, quality education for the children of our nation’s military members with partners who are committed to championing opportunities for service members, veterans and their families. Our College Readiness Program for Military Families — part of the Department of Defense Military Child STEM Education Program Initiative — has been a tremendous success for military-connected students nationwide. The program was a key component of the Joining Forces initiative, first launched by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden.
On Nov. 14, Dr. Biden celebrated the NMSI partnership in a speech honoring veterans.
“Thanks to NMSI’s College Readiness Program, we’re helping to ensure that students at 200 military-connected schools in 33 states across the country are prepared for the rigors of college and a career,” she said.
In April, NMSI fulfilled a commitment made during the launch of Joining Forces in 2011 to expand into 200 military-connected schools across the country, providing more than 60,000 military-connected students with the support and educational opportunities they deserve. Children of military families can attend six to nine different schools during the course of their schooling career, which can make having a consistent education difficult for those students. NMSI’s College Readiness Program helps to ensure that consistent education and ease the transition.
During the holiday, take a moment to pause and give thanks for the families of the men and women who have missed birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and so many of the daily moments we spend with the people we love. They make incredible sacrifices to protect our freedom and serve our country. We know that the children of our service men and women serve too and so we remain committed to working hard to provide ever more students with the school resources and support they need to thrive through high school and beyond.