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World Series Unites Baseball Fans with Math and Science Fanatics

After a more than five-hour Game 5 in the 2017 MLB World Series, we challenged our math and science experts to come up with the most unique facts of the game. Here are our favorites:

  • World-Series_Illustrations-(1).pngIn his three-run homer during the bottom of the fifth, Houston’s Jose Altuve exerted roughly 8,000 pounds of force on the ball. That caused the ball to compress to nearly half of its diameter and caused the wooden bat to compress roughly one-fiftieth its diameter during the short amount of time they were in contact. Scientists at Florida State and Oklahoma State universities say Tyrannosaurus Rex's bite measured 8,000 pounds. That’s a big bite for the 5-foot, 6-inch second baseman.
  • The seventh-inning homerun by Houston’s Carlos Correa had a 48-degree launch angle off the bat, making it the highest homerun of the 2017 season.
  • The 25 baserunners who scored ran a collective 1.7 miles around the diamond.

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