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5 Gifts That Teachers Will Love This Holiday Season

It's no secret that many teachers go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their students' success, often working after hours and spending their own cash. The holiday season is a great time to show those extra special teachers that you recognize their constant dedication!

Looking for the perfect gift to show your appreciation? We've created our list of the top 5 gifts on every teacher's wish list.

cluttered desk with a laptop

  1. Gift cards, gift cards, gift cards!

Giftcards are a gift that keeps on giving! Whether they use them to furnish their classroom or treat themselves, the extra funds are always appreciated. Amazon and Starbucks are obvious favorites, though you may consider iTunes giftcards if the teacher uses iPads in the classroom.

  1. Stock their classroom.

EducationWeek reported that the average teacher personally spends $479 a year on classroom supplies. That's why NMSI helps to cover the cost of supplies for many teachers in our College Readiness Program — and why extra supplies can be the perfect gift. Even little things, like whiteboard markers, notecards or sticky notes, are always appreciated!

  1. Encouragement is always appreciated!

Most teachers aren't in it for the paycheck — they're motivated by helping their students reach their fullest potential. This year, you can skip the gift altogether and instead spend the time writing your teacher a note about the impact they've made on you or your child. We wouldn't be surprised if most teachers kept a folder of their favorite notes for days when they need extra encouragement. Extra points if it comes from the student! (We love this template by Suburban Mom to help younger kiddos write their note).

  1. Keep it cozy!

Winter break is the perfect opportunity to snuggle up near the fireplace and catch up on binge-worthy TV shows. Consider helping your teacher stock up on all things cozy — fuzzy socks, warm blankets — so they can truly relax over the break.

  1. Give the gift of education — in your teacher's name.

Whether you decide to fund a cool classroom project on DonorsChoose or empower a teacher through professional development by donating to NMSI, teachers will love knowing that they inspired you to invest in education. Try to find out their favorite organization and surprise them by donating in their name!


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If you plan to do your holiday shopping on Amazon, don't forget to use smile.amazon.com (and select National Math and Science Initiative) to contribute a percentage of your purchases to expanding access to high-quality STEM education!