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Poetry from a Physics Teacher

STEM & PoetryWhile the connection between poetry and STEM may seem far-flung for some, NMSI’s delighted to honor a love for literature and, as the United Nations notes, “celebrate the unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind.”
What does that mean? Whether you’re curious, creative or just generally thirsty for knowledge – “You’re a poet and you didn’t even know it,” as the old saying goes.
We think AP Physics teacher Jose Sandoval at ITW David Speer Academy in Chicago put it best:

When you’re concerned about how things work and the details that go into it, you’re able to see things on a deeper level than other people and you can turn into a great poet. The more you study STEM, you’re able to have a complex mind to appreciate poetry and different pieces.

Language and learning are inextricably connected. As Mr. Sandoval says,

Shakespeare doesn’t seem as hard to you if you study Physics. Click to Tweet.

In celebration of World Poetry Day and our love for learning, we're sharing our lesson plan for AP Literature where students analyze the poem "The Broken Heart" by John Donne. Enjoy!

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