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Serving Up Hip-Hop on Pi Day

In celebration of Pi Day, NMSI invited math teacher and rapper LaMar Queen to talk about how he has combined his passion for music and his love for education to engage his students. Here's his latest release all about pi:

Jimmy Pascascio and I began making music videos to engage our middle school students back in 2007.

It all began because my first year of teaching got off to a rocky start. Within the first month of school my students were calling me boring and challenged me to rap in order to make class fun and engaging. After weeks of saying no, I finally wrote Slope Intercept, which became an instant hit at the school and online. Students began asking for more songs and teachers began asking for live concerts!

Since then we have trained thousands of teachers on using music in the classroom (mainly hip hop) and performed at numerous schools and events for tons of students across the country. Our standards-based songs and videos are doing for students today what School House Rock did for students in the 70’s. Mus1c Notes didn’t reinvent the wheel, they simply added the shiny chrome rims!

Using music in classrooms is culturally responsive, creates a positive atmosphere for learning and teaches to the whole student. Students usually have educational trauma because of past experiences in class. The trauma prevents them from reaching their full potential in math. Mus1c Notes has one of many solutions to helping students re-engage in math class. Their songs and videos are perfect for students in kindergarten through geometry.

Mus1c Notes is an educational music company created and run by teachers. ‚ÄčFor anyone interested in math songs, videos, professional development or assemblies, check them out at www.MusicNotesOnline.com

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