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Recent graduate credits NMSI for solid college foundation

When did you know what you wanted to do when you grew up – and what influenced that?  

Career specialist Dawn Rosenberg McKay has written that students “are aware of only the relatively small number of occupations to which they are exposed, for example, doctor, dentist, teacher, firefighter, police officer, and whatever it is their parents and relatives do to make a living. Learning about other occupations broadens their choices and increases the odds that they will be able to find suitable careers.” 

For Jared Mulhausen of Lawton, Oklahoma, the fascination with computers and coding started in middle school and continued through college. Mulhausen graduated with a bachelor’s in computer science in December 2020 from University of Oklahoma. He’s currently working as a computer analyst with Dynetics. I had an opportunity to connect with him by phone to learn more about his career aspirations and the role NMSI played in preparing him for college.  

“I wanted to be a software developer as I grew up,” Mulhausen remembers. “I found software development so interesting and complex. I loved playing video games and learning how they worked. I also met with a friend’s cousin who was in this line of work, and he helped think about the career opportunities.”  

Mulhausen learned about NMSI’s College Readiness Program during his sophomore year at Eisenhower High School - one of three high schools in Lawton connected to the Fort Sill Military Reservation. NMSI works with schools in military-impacted communities like Lawton to bring high-quality STEM education as a part of our Military Families Mission

“I would say my experience [in CRP] put me ahead of my college freshman peers when it came to the discipline needed to complete assignments and prepare for exams in college. I had a good science and math preparation from Ms. [Katherine] Hengenrether. It all provided a solid base to begin pursuing my degree.” 

In addition to software development, Mulhausen enjoys studying economics and mixed martial arts - jujitsu and boxing, especially. 

On the fence about taking AP classes, or getting involved with the CRP program at your school? Mulhausen offers this advice: “Explore your options. Dip your toes in different subjects to discover your core interests. The NMSI opportunity provides a good intro to what you will experience in college, so take advantage of that. Work harder today; it’ll make tomorrow easier.”   

Interested in bringing NMSI’s College Readiness Program to your school or district? ‚ÄčContact us!