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How Professional Development Drives Student Success

When it comes to professional development, quality matters — not just for the teachers, but also for the students.
No one doubts the intentions, commitment, or skill of classroom teachers. However, they’re up against daily challenges that make their jobs inherently more difficult than ever before.
Supporting teachers with engaging, evidence-based professional development will fuel their passion and equip them to meet the needs of today’s students. This is especially important in communities in which students and their families have been traditionally underserved. With the right resources, teachers can meet students at their learning level and prepare them for a successful future.

Multi-level support makes the difference

Teachers are expected to be many things to many people, which is why they need tools and techniques that address the various aspects of their role.

Interactive and relevant professional development provides educators with modern — yet proven — approaches to teaching that can be immediately implemented in today’s diverse classrooms. When searching for a professional development program, here are features to consider:

  • Teaching strategies for specific curriculum content

  • Classroom-ready lessons

  • Vertical team training

  • Culturally responsive education

  • Small-group support

  • Hands-on interactive learning

  • Collaboration and feedback from expert instructional coaches

For more guidance on finding the right evidence-based professional development for your schools, download our free guide: How to Find Evidence-Based STEM Professional Development.

Better outcomes, increased confidence

Students thrive when teachers enter the classroom filled with enthusiasm and equipped with new strategies. As students observe their teachers’ love for lifelong learning, it energizes the class creating an environment that nurtures growth and facilitates success.
The teachers and school leaders at Socorro Independent School District can attest to the culture shift they experienced after partnering with NMSI. For example, students feel more inspired at the middle school level and realizing they, too, can have a successful future.

All students should feel the same level of confidence in their academics, and we’ve helped teachers and several school districts across the nation realize this. For example:

  • Students whose teachers use NMSI’s Laying the Foundation materials and instruction score significantly better on ACT Aspire™ math and reading assessments than their peers

  • Students develop an “I can” attitude about Advanced Placement® classes instead of believing they’re just for gifted students, as demonstrated by the 41% increase in AP® participation at NMSI partner schools

  • Students in schools that participate in NMSI’s College Readiness Program enroll, persist and earn degrees at a higher level than non-NMSI schools

Independent studies show that NMSI programs transform school cultures with immediate and lasting changes that benefit the entire community. Find the right evidence-based STEM professional development for your school using our free guide or contact us directly to learn how NMSI can help your schools.