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More North Dakota students will get the opportunity to receive college credit

More North Dakota high school students will now have the opportunity to receive college credit. 
By bringing advanced placement courses out of the classroom and online. 

When it comes to education being ahead is something that can save students time and money. 

"Having this opportunity taking these advanced courses while I'm still in high school and maybe even come out of high school with a few college credits is just really exciting for me," said high school sophomore Megan Sutter. 

AP courses are not unheard of in North Dakota -- however where they are offered varies by school. 

"North Dakota is unique in the idea that small schools has obstacles offering advanced stem courses, said Vice president of learning at the National Math and Science Initiative Michelle Stie.  

And that's the case for these two students who attend what's considered a rural school. 
Now doors are opening through the Blended College Readiness Program. 

According to the Superintendent of Public Instruction, since this program has been put into place almost 18 thousand college credits have been earned by North Dakota students. 

Totaling out more than 6 million dollars in tuition savings. 

"We just want to help schools provide more courses for kids as well as be able to sustain the program by giving them equipment and supplies," said Stie.

13 high schools in the state have already signed up-- but any North Dakota high school can join.

"It's really encouraging and exciting to know that so many people are behind us," said high school senior Mindee Boyce.