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Nurturing STEM talent in the Permian Basin

Nurturing STEM talent in the Permian Basin

Students making their way through high school and beyond can often find unexpected pathways by discovering a passion for a new subject.

In the Permian Basin, the center of North America’s energy renaissance, students are improving their science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills through new educational program opportunities.

Since 2007, the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) has been working with students and teachers to develop their STEM competencies, which are often the foundation for careers in energy.

ExxonMobil’s support of NMSI will help provide tools to the next generation of STEM talent. The company is helping schools in the Permian Basin cultivate future scientists and engineers who may then take advantage of work opportunities in their own backyard.

ExxonMobil’s support will allow for the expansion of NMSI’s College Readiness and Laying the Foundation programs, which are designed to increase student participation and performance in Advanced Placement® classes and to equip teachers with new ways of helping students develop critical-thinking skills.

To better understand the impact NMSI is having in schools across the Permian Basin, Energy Factor spoke with those who are seeing the changes firsthand. Below, local teachers and an ExxonMobil employee and father of three in a Permian Basin-area school district describe the transformation in STEM education unfolding in their communities.

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