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Pennsylvania schools can do more than recover from learning losses | Opinion

In 1969, humankind faced the unprecedented challenge of landing on the moon. I watched as a child as a team of scientists and astronauts overcame obstacles to ultimately be successful during the Apollo 11 mission.
That team identified patterns, learned from relevant experiences and determined potential solutions. COVID-19 has been an unprecedented challenge for us, particularly in how it has affected the nation’s children.
Unfortunately, learning losses and disparities in educational access are far from unprecedented. The good news is that there are school systems that have met the challenges head on. More than three dozen Pennsylvania school systems have developed local policies and practices to move their students from unprepared and under-prepared for advanced learning at the secondary level to college-readiness and mastery of college-level content.
And while much attention has been placed on in-person and summer learning, numerous Pennsylvania school systems are demonstrating success in remote and blended teaching.

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