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NMSI Partners With Texas Women’s Foundation and Lyda Hill to Make STEM More Welcoming for Women

NMSI also teamed up with Mediaplanet to help produce its “Women in Stem” campaign, which launched in today’s edition of USA Today and online

DALLAS - June 18 - To help open more career pathways for women in STEM, and make these critical fields more welcoming and inclusive for all, the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) announces that it has partnered with Texas Women’s Foundation and Lyda Hill Philanthropies to conduct gender inclusion training during NMSI’s Summer Series 2021.

NMSI’s Summer Series 2021 will let educators in NMSI schools and districts take part in virtual courses that will help them deepen their understanding of content from a range of subjects; learn the best practices for teaching across all platforms (e.g., in-person, hybrid, virtual); network and build strong relationships with other educators from across the country; and, of course, gain valuable experience in culturally responsive teaching. The organization behind SciGirls - a PBS kids show that aims to change the way girls think about STEM subjects - will offer gender responsive training to all NMSI teachers.

“As a national leader in STEM education, we believe it’s imperative for the success of our nation to embrace diversity, equity and inclusion - especially in our classrooms - with gender inclusion initiatives and culturally responsive education,” said Dr. Bernard Harris, president and CEO of NMSI. “We know how critical it is to nurture and advance the talent of all our children, giving them the education and skills needed to solve local, regional, national and global challenges.”

A key part of the partnership with Texas Women’s Foundation and Lyda Hill Philanthropies (who recently teamed up to invest over $630,000 in North Texas non-profits to promote women’s STEM awareness) is that NMSI will be able to showcase Lyda Hill’s acclaimed IF/THEN® collection with students in NMSI schools and districts. The IF/THEN® collection highlights 125 high-powered professionals currently working in STEM fields, with the goal of empowering current women STEM innovators and inspiring the next generation. Members of the IF/THEN® Ambassadors program will offer their empowering insights as speakers during the NMSI Summer Series 2021.

To further raise awareness about the work it’s doing to make STEM education and careers more accessible for all, NMSI partnered with Mediaplanet to help create its “Women in STEM” campaign. The print component of the campaign launched in today’s edition of USA Today, and the digital version is available online at www.futureofbusinessandtech.com/campaign/women-in-stem. NMSI advertisements can be found in both the print and digital versions of the campaign.
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