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National Math and Science Initiative and DoD STEM Launch College Readiness Program at Military-Connected Schools

The National Math and Science Initiative is launching its College Readiness Program (CRP) in partnership with Chattahoochee County School District, a military-connected school serving Fort Benning, with dedicated funding from the Department of Defense’s STEM Education & Outreach office (known as “DoD STEM”) through the Defense STEM Education Consortium (DSEC).

”Preparing all students for life beyond school is critical in today's global economy. With a 96.8% graduation rate, Chattahoochee County School District is committed to student success. Now with our NMSI partnership, we have an additional resource in supporting our work of intentionally focusing on life beyond K-12 school for every student in the district. We believe that increased access to rigorous coursework is critical for students to be adequately prepared to transition to competitive college and career environments.” 
Dr. Kristie Brooks, Superintendent of the Chattahoochee County School District  
After one year in NMSI's CRP, students at military-connected schools average a 45 percent increase in mastery of college-level concepts in math and science — compared to the national average increase of 5.6 percent. That increase is 81.5 percent for Black students, 34 percent for Latinos and 38.4 percent for females.

Students with family members serving in the military move an average of six to nine times during elementary and secondary school. NMSI's CRP leverages the College Board's proven Advanced Placement framework, preserving local control and creating consistent learning across schools. That means students are on pace from their first day in a new school making each move a little easier.

“Children in military families represent the future of our force and our nation, and we look to fully support our Army Families as they navigate military life,” said Col. Colin P. Mahle, Fort Benning garrison commander. “Programs like this help families transition in and out of school systems, and more importantly, directly support the education and readiness of all students in the Chattahoochee Valley Region.” 

“NMSI’s college readiness program has proven to be exemplary in engaging students in STEM, especially students who are historically underrepresented in these subject areas,” said DoD STEM Director Louie Lopez. “The Department of Defense offers unique and immersive internship and career opportunities across the Defense laboratories and centers, including uniformed and civilian roles. STEM skills – such as critical thinking and problem solving – are required for those opportunities, and set the foundation for success across other careers and personal endeavors.”

About DoD STEM: The U.S. Department of Defense’s STEM Education and Outreach programmatic initiatives seek to inspire, cultivate and develop exceptional STEM talent across the education continuum to create a diverse and sustainable STEM talent pool ready to meet current and future defense technological challenges. For more information, visit https://dodstem.us/ follow @DoDSTEM on social media.

About DSEC:  The Defense Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education Consortium (DSEC) is a collaborative partnership between academia, industry, not-for-profit organizations and government that aims to broaden STEM literacy and develop a diverse and agile workforce with the technical excellence to defend our nation. DSEC partners offer educational programs, internships, and scholarships for students and many career development opportunities for educators.  To learn about DSEC partners, visit https://dodstem.us/about/partners/