That's me, walking in space.
Now I need your help.



Let’s bring STEM education to every student in the U.S.!


As I mentioned in my letter to you, I’m Dr. Bernard Harris—the first Black man ever to walk in outer space. 

But these days, my mission is even bigger: 

Leading the National Math and Science Initiative’s efforts to create tomorrow’s astronauts, technologists, chemists, mathematicians, doctors, and genius problem-solvers. 

But we need your help to deliver STEM education! 

NMSI delivers high-quality STEM education to millions of students and training to tens of thousands of STEM teachers. We introduce science, technology, engineering, and math learning to students who otherwise wouldn’t have it

Please make a charitable donation to NMSI right now. Help us bring bigger and better STEM learning to countless more classrooms! Join our growing community of education advocates who believe in the importance of STEM. 

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The Impact You Will Have: 


NMSI depends on charitable gifts from people just like you. You can join our growing, national network of education supporters. 

By donating, you can help NMSI do even more!

2 million students 

directly supported by NMSI in their STEM studies

65,000 teachers

trained by expert educators through NMSI

35% Increase

in student enrollment for AP courses


"I felt like NMSI really taught me new things that I missed the first time we learned it with our regular teacher. And it helped to see a different perspective to approach different problems."
Anthony Munoz, student 
IDEA College Prep San Juan, TX
"For us, the biggest piece was a cultural change. That would not have been able to happen as quickly and to the same level as if we didn't have those professional developments and collaboration time and intervention."
April Ragland, Assistant Principal
Peters Township High School, PA
"I've never felt like I was just in this alone. I always felt like I had the resources that I needed, and that NMSI was always there for me, to help me be successful in the classroom."
Shona Brown, District Instructional Coach
Mesquite ISD, TX