NMSI Content Workshops

Back-to-School Online Workshop

During our Back-to-School Online Workshop, NMSI provides a collaborative opportunity with expert coach support to build skill and capacity in tackling what teachers need to ensure student success in the year ahead.

Teachers can choose from two or more learning strands to focus on for the day. These include (1) content knowledge, (2) pedagogical content knowledge, (3) data analysis and assessment, and (4) equity and inclusion. Here are the available courses. 

College Readiness Program:

AP Biology 
AP Calculus (Combined AB/BC) 
AP Chemistry 
AP Computer Science A 
AP Computer Science Principles 
AP English Language & Composition 
AP English Literature & Composition 
AP Environmental Science 
AP Physics
AP Precalculus
AP Statistics 

Laying the Foundation

Elementary Math/Science
Middle School English 
Middle School Math 
Middle School Science 
High School Biology 
High School Chemistry 
High School English 
High School Math 

This is a NMSI Program Exclusive.

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Date and time

July 30, 2024 
9 a.m. - 4 p.m. CT