Expanding Lifetime Opportunities 

We advance STEM education as a proven path to individual options and prosperity. That empowers local prosperity, strong communities, a resilient economy and a more secure nation. It’s all possible by building STEM skills and dispositions starting in pre-K and ensuring equitable access and support for all students – and it starts with you. 


Your gift of $50 can provide a student with classroom materials and supplies that will bring learning to life and help build a foundation for a lifetime of success.



You can advocate for NMSI’s research-based approach in your community. We’ve assembled resources to help you make the case with local school leaders and we make it easy for leaders to get in touch.

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Effective learning isn't limited to school time. NMSI hosts a variety of fun events that bring STEM learning to life for students and their families. Join us for these student-centered STEM activities.

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NMSI works with organizations that value equity and research-based solutions that help school systems, teachers and students reach their full potentials. Connect with our partnership team to learn more.

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