NMSI’s Military Families Mission puts a special focus on communities, schools and students in military-impacted communities, and ensures high-quality STEM education, no matter where duty calls.  

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On the Move

Military-connected students move an average of six to nine times while they're in elementary and secondary school. Through our College Readiness Program, NMSI leverages the College Board's proven Advanced Placement framework, preserving local control and creating consistent learning across all schools. That means students are on pace from their first day in a new school and that makes all those moves just a little easier.

Immediate Results

After one year in NMSI's CRP, students at military-impacted schools average a 45% increase in mastery of college-level concepts in math and science — compared to the national average increase of 5.6%. That increase is 81.5% for Black students, 34% for Latinos and 38.4% for females.

Dedicated Service

As a member of the U.S. Department of Defense STEM Education Consortium, NMSI is committed to helping the department improve access for all students to pursue STEM careers and to consider Defense laboratories as places of employment. 

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