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Supporting Better Education for Military Children

Maintaining a consistent level of quality schooling for military children can be challenging, especially when the average military-connected student moves 6-9 times during their schooling career. Many NMSI team members have years of military experience or family who serve; we recognize the importance of ensuring consistent, quality education for the children of our nation’s military members and continue to tackle the challenge head-on.
Charla Holzbog 
Director of Mathematics

“My son was in the Navy for four years. During this time it became evident to me the hardships on the families with school aged children must endure with continual changing of duty locations. I believe the work we are doing through the College Readiness Programs in association with schools with high military affiliations can truly help these students with their transitions. When the AP courses are run with fidelity, the curriculum has common elements which make it easier on the students to jump in and therefore increase student success.”

Mort Orlov 
Vice President, College Readiness Program Systems 
Retired Army Colonel, served 23 years active duty
 “Our nation asks a great deal of both our servicemen and women and their families. In addition to the risks and separations involved in military deployments, military families can expect to move every two to three years. It’s not uncommon for children of military families to attend multiple schools through the period of their parent’s active duty commitment. Consequently, in order to better serve our military families, schools supporting these students must implement high-standard courses that permit easy transitions from state-to-state. Advanced Placement courses, and those courses benchmarked off them, offer a solid and easily understood standard. My daughter attended five different schools before I retired and one of the reasons I elected to retire was to make sure she could attend the same high school for four years. Many families don’t have the choice that I was able to make.”
Candice Santomauro 
Vice President, Growth and Strategy
Former Senior Airman, served four years active duty
“I’m proud of NMSI’s partnership with the Department of Defense and that we are able to positively impact military families.  Ensuring consistent, high standards at military-connected schools provides our service members the assurance that their children are receiving a top notch education.”