Laying the Foundation

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Unlocking student potential starts with great teachers. NMSI’s Laying the Foundation gives teachers the resources they need to raise expectations and develop advanced levels of thinking and learning. Led by expert educators, LTF helps teachers build and maintain subject matter expertise, enchance their leadership of diverse classrooms and prepare students to be confident, creative problem solvers. 


For Summer 2020, Laying the Foundation trainings are offered online. Learn more here. LTF provides teachers of grades 3-12 with training that includes the content, strategies, vertically aligned materials and learning progressions necessary to prepare students for advanced coursework in high school and college. We're happy to discuss a variety of options to bring LTF to your school, including grant and district funding. 


  • Hands-on training that allows teachers to experience learning from the student’s perspective.
  • Content-rich lessons with clear outcome goals and suggested teaching strategies.
  • Classroom exercises that allow teachers of all experience levels to relate math and science concepts to real-world scenarios.
  • Tools to help monitor student understanding of complex concepts that are critical to rigorous coursework in higher grades.
  • Opportunities for educators to collaborate, learn new techniques and receive feedback from peers.


  • Research shows that students of LTF-trained teachers score better on math and science reading assessments. To learn more, visit Our Impact page. 
  • To date, nearly 50,000 teachers nationwide have participated in NMSI’s Laying the Foundation and are using their expertise to build the capacity of their schools and districts to advance student achievement at all grade levels. Read some of their testimonials about LTF here.
See and hear what teachers are saying about LTF training: