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Our-Approach-MFM Students of military families attend six to nine different school systems during their K-12 careers, making consistent access to high-quality education an ongoing concern. Recognizing the need to improve educational opportunities for the 2 million children of our nation’s military service members, NMSI — in partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense — is expanding its proven College Readiness Program to military-connected schools across the country.

NMSI’s College Readiness Program for Military Families provides military-connected students from coast to coast with well-trained teachers, challenging Advanced Placement coursework, and a strong foundation in STEM subjects that will prepare them for the rigors of college and career, whether military or civilian. Because the AP framework is uniform across the country, the program is also ensuring high academic standards and continuity for students whenever and wherever their families are transferred.


  • Cooperation with local education and military installation leaders to identify and support school systems that serve a high proportion of military-connected students
  • Collaboration with industry and nonprofit partners to support the program and provide students with mentoring opportunities with local STEM professionals
  • Training for elementary and middle school teachers through NMSI’s Laying the Foundation Program to build the pipeline of students prepared for the rigors of advanced coursework in higher grades


  • Since 2010, the College Readiness Program for Military Families has grown from just four military-connected schools serving Fort Hood and Fort Campbell to 160 schools across 29 states, serving more than 100 military installations
  • After just one year of the program, students in NMSI’s military-connected partner schools show a 45 percent increase in qualifying AP math and science exam scores — nearly eight times the national average. 

Percentage Increase in AP Qualifying Scores in Math and Science at
NMSI Military-Connected Partner Schools

After One Year of CRP


After Three Years of CRP

Hear from students, parents and administrators about how the Military Families Mission is easing transitions and supporting military families: