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Let's Solve This

It's April and if you work hard for STEM education in this country you know that the Master's golf tournament is coming and that means the new Let's Solve This ads will be running! The ads clearly make the case that we have a severe problem in this country but that we also have some solutions.  Of course - we love it that NMSI's AP Program and the UTeach program are highlighted.  But last year we had a lot of educators working hard on raising standards in this country really appreciate that ExxonMobil was one of the first large companies in this country to take a stand for Common Core State Standards as a critical for solution for education in America.
Let us know - which one of the Let's Solve This ads were your favorite.  You can find them on the Let's Solve This website which has a ton of great statistics on STEM education.
And starting next Thursday - the new ads will come on!!  Nothing gets done unless people get focused on the problem and we thank ExxonMobil for that focus.