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Learn More About Laying the Foundation

Today’s teachers want a new kind of professional development experience, one that is hands-on, supplemented by classroom-ready materials, and taught by experienced teachers rather than by professional development “experts.” That’s why more and more districts are choosing Laying the Foundation (LTF) to meet their professional development needs. LTF has trained more than 36,000 middle and high school math, science, and English teachers and has demonstrated dramatic increases in Advanced Placement exam preparation and success in STEM subjects.

Our research-based training program is specifically designed to train teachers to deliver a more rigorous curriculum aimed at college readiness and success in other areas such as AP exams and state achievement tests. After training, teachers are supported through classroom-ready resources, professionally monitored teacher forums, mentoring, and an online learning system. The end goal is to give teachers the training and support they need to be empowered to teach.

LTF Training is very unique. Rather than sitting through a lecture, teachers are engaged in dynamic, hands-on activities taught by LTF's certified trainers, who are also active classroom teachers. This training model gives educators an engaging training experience and reinforces the subject content at the same time. Teachers will work both individually and in groups, and will constantly be connecting with the trainer throughout the training.
Following training, teachers receive access to our extensive and ever-growing collection of lessons, labs, projects, and formative assessments that can be used to raise the level of instructional rigor of any curriculum. Because our resources are not a curriculum, they can be infused into any existing curriculum. All of our resources are also fully linked to the Common Core State Standards. This ensures that LTF-trained classrooms are ready for the Common Core following the training.

There are two popular options by which teachers can participate in LTF Training: 

In-District Training:  LTF Training is adopted by and implemented in the district. LTF works with the district to identify and set goals for the program. Once targets and plans are in place our professional staff conducts training and works within the district to achieve the set goals. Commonly we will work within vertically aligned teams to train and accomplish a high fidelity implementation of training.
LTF Institute:  LTF hosts training in several high-demand locations for teachers to choose from each summer--and even a few during the school year. This is the same training as described above. Instead of a district seeking a systemic change, there are usually several districts working together or a high concentration of teachers seeking something better.