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This Memorial Day Remembering Those Who Sacrifice So Much

Thirty years ago today I tossed my Midshipman hat in the air along with a thousand of my classmates at the United States Naval Academy. I had just sworn an oath to this country to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign or domestic.  It is a bittersweet weekend to fondly remember embarking on a great career in the Navy while at the same time remembering so many who have fallen to defend our country on Memorial Day.
I have lost classmates and shipmates in the many years since I started my military career and I think about their sacrifice and all their families have given up to support this great nation. Military families endure so much - we owe them our thanks and a great deal more.
Our Constitution depends on education and strength. The Naval Academy motto is Ex Scientia Tridens – Latin for “from knowledge, sea power”.  I guess that is why I ended up working in education after leaving the military. Improving education is the clearest way to support and defend the Constitution and focusing that work on schools that serve military families makes that even more rewarding.
We live in an amazing country and enjoy incredible freedoms. This Memorial Day, enjoy a nice weekend but please, remember those who sacrificed so much for America.
Dave Saba, NMSI COO, United States Naval Academy Class of 1983