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Arkansas Schools See Amazing AP Success

We’d like to take a moment and say congratulations to all of our Arkansas schools for the incredible success they’ve had with their AP scores! Despite the fact that America is in the middle of a national STEM crisis, the 39 Arkansas high schools that have implemented NMSI’s Comprehensive AP Program, in partnership with the Arkansas AIMS, have absolutely excelled in rigorous, college-level coursework, and we are proud to announce the fruits of their labors.

◾In their first year, the average number of passing AP scores in math, science, and English was 56%, soaring above the 10.9% increase in the rest of Arkansas schools, and 7.2% nationally.
◾In math and science alone, the increase was even better: 69% in NMSI schools, compared to 24.6% in the state, and 8.2% nationally. We are talking rigorous math and science courses and students are actually doing better – we couldn’t be more excited!
These numbers prove that our comprehensive program not only works, but that it works extremely well – and the success has been even better for minority and female students!
◾For female students in the 39 NMSI schools, the average first year increase in passing AP scores was 79%, compared to 21.8% in the rest of Arkansas’ schools, and 8.3% nationally.
◾For minority students, the average first year increase in AP math, science, and English scores was 103%, compared to 24.6% in the state, and 14.1% nationally.
◾In only math and science, the minority AP score increase was 139%, compared to 36.2% in the state, and 16.2% nationally.
These amazingly high passing rates are encouraging, because it means that more students will graduate from high school both college and career ready, which is what Arkansas needs to continue to strengthen their economy. In their state alone, 63% of community college freshmen need remediation, costing the state over $13 million per year. But with NMSI’s program, the students passing their AP courses not only skip remediation, they earn college credit, which saves money for both themselves and the state.
The successes highlighted here are only the beginning – literally, the numbers are from year one schools, which means they will only rise exponentially over time and as the program spreads to more schools. And, as NWA reports, even the Governor of Arkansas, Mike Bebee, is excited about these results!
Congratulations again to all of the students and teachers for their wonderful scores! We can’t wait to see what happens next.
Google Author: Timothy Huneycutt