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Sneak Peek into NMSI's Summer Institutes

Have you ever wondered what NMSI Summer Institutes are all about?

We could tell you all about the hands-on activities, interactive labs, expert teaching practices and priceless networking -- but we'll let our teachers do the talking.

Each of these five teachers attended one of NMSI's College Readiness Program or Laying the Foundation Summer Institutes. Here's what they had to say:

 It's been really great to collaborate with other teachers from around the country, and to learn more about the best practices of teaching. I think its been really great to hear different opinions on certain topics, and just to get the resources that this training is for.

Cory Loveless, AP Calculus Teacher at West Fargo High School, ND

NMSI trainings are different because we're focusing on the kid as a whole and not just on strategies on how to beat the test.

Christian Horner, NMSI Consultant, IN

I use the NMSI materials in my classroom. Love them. Even though I teach grades five through 12, I still pull in some of these elementary concepts because they were very rigorous and very robust and just a slight modification can help us.

Deborah Gaff, NMSI Consultant, IN

 The biggest things teachers get out of these trainings is a network. They immediately get resources they can use, also. But more than that, they learn they're not alone. And that all these teachers, no matter where they come from, experience similar difficulties and challenges with their students. The trading of ideas is invaluable.

Kristie Ennis, NMSI Consultant, KY

I’ve put in over 500 hours of professional development and too many workshops to even count, and NMSI has hands down had the biggest impact on my teaching out of all my professional development experiences. At the Summer Institutes, everyone around you helps you through it. It makes for the best learning environment. LTF changed the content I was putting in my Algebra II and Geometry classes. CRP training made it safe to make mistakes. You work collaboratively, share ideas with other teachers, talk it out, do the problems and work through the content the students work through and share strategies.

Zachary Sweet, AP Calculus and CS Teacher at Renaissance High School, MI


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