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Case Study: How A Small School Gets Big AP® Results

In the small coal mining communities of Mapletown and Greensboro, Pennsylvania, the Southeastern Greene School District is committed to providing its students with the educational opportunities that will prepare them for life after high school.

Small districts face distinct challenges compared to their larger counterparts, but Southeastern Greene discovered that a partnership with NMSI helped put its students on a more even playing field and increased their confidence.

NMSI had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Scott Sinn, Director of Curriculum and Dr. Bartholomew Donley, Mapletown Junior-Senior High School Principal to learn more about their students’ success with advanced learning. 

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Quick Facts

Mr. Scott E. Sinn, Assistant to the Superintendent, Director of Curriculum
Dr. Bartholomew I. Donley, Mapletown Junior-Senior High School Principal
Total K-12 enrollment:  581 (2020)
NMSI Partnership Years: 2017-2020
NMSI Programs Implemented: College Readiness Program, Laying the Foundation, Leadership Support