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Powerful Resources and Tools for Teachers

As education continues to evolve, so do educational tools and resources. From online platforms to new technologies, there are numerous resources and tools that can help teachers create dynamic and compelling learning experiences for their students. Continue reading to learn about some of the most powerful resources and tools available to teachers today.

Innovative Education Technology Tools

The following list of free teaching tools is a sampling of technology-based tools that can elevate your classroom and transform passive learning into active exploration.

Classroom Management

Classroom management tools can help you streamline processes and improve communication and learning.

  • One of the most widely-known education technology tools is Google Classroom. This free tool has multiple levels, which allow you to create an online classroom, invite your students, and assign homework. You can also discuss assignments with your students online and track their progress.

    In addition, a Google Spreadsheets Add-on, Flubaroo, allows you to quickly create multiple-choice and fill-in assignments, grade and analyze online student performance, share scores with students, and assign stickers and badges on completed tasks.

  • With ClassDojo, schools can bring parents, teachers, school administrators, and students into classroom communities to track and enhance classroom behavior in real-time.

  • Another classroom management platform, Class123, includes multiple tools for efficient class management. For example, you can access a chalkboard, seating chart, timer, and random name picker. It also lets you track students’ attendance and behavior, share stories and photos on boards, and communicate with private messages.

Lesson Planning

Planning lessons is a core component of a teacher’s work. Fortunately, there are tools and resources to make lesson planning more convenient and effective. Check out these examples that let you plan lessons for free.

  • Although not specifically designed for teachers, the free version of Evernote is an excellent tool for daily lesson planning. It’s a great way to collect articles, ideas, to-do lists, images, and more in a single place with easy access.

  • Planboard — a teaching tool for lesson planning  — allows teachers to write their lesson plans into an app on their iPhone, iPad or Android device, and can add files, photos and videos and view them during class. Lesson plans can also be edited, archived and shared with colleagues.

  • PlanbookEdu is a free online teaching tool that lets you plan your lessons. Although it functions like a printed book, you can fill it with texts online. You can create, share and print your lesson plans.

Content Sources

An enormous amount of educational digital content is available to help teachers make their lessons even more engaging. However, it’s imperative to use trustworthy websites that provide credible material.

  • TED-Ed’s growing library of carefully-curated educational videos includes hundreds of thousands of fantastic how-to, DIY and advice videos from passionate educators. Each lesson features an educational video crafted by an expert animator and a set of questions with multiple-choice answers. In addition, you can build lessons around the content and create assignments to measure students' understanding of the material.

  • YouTube Teachers and YouTube EDU are YouTube channels that provide playlists on various subjects you can leverage to inspire and engage your students. YouTube Teachers contains over 400 video playlists from leading organizations and industry experts such as the Khan Academy, Ted-Ed and PBS.

  • Another free resource is TeacherTube, where teachers collaborate by sharing instructional videos and materials. The platform allows you to upload your tutorials and attach learning activities, assessments and lesson notes. You can also browse other teachers’ content and connect with educators with similar interests.

  • In addition, the National Math and Science Initiative offers a suite of free STEM classroom lessons and videos. Multiple science, English, math, elementary, Pi Day and AP lessons are available.

Enhance Your Skills With Robust Training and Resources 

In addition to the tools and resources mentioned, The National Math and Science Initiative offers robust professional development programs, which include curriculum supports, coaching and ongoing services to help empower teachers.
Our programs help build strong communities of educators who work together, practice together and reflect on their teaching and the needs of their students. The programs and support offered by NMSI are designed to meet educators at the intersections where help is needed to become high-quality teachers who deliver better student outcomes.