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Teachers Become Students in Effort to Improve Learning

In chemistry class at Sachse High, students were generating carbon dioxide and seeing how it reacts to temperature.

However, the students in this classroom are actually teachers. This class took place in the weeks leading up to the start of school.

Educators from around the country come to Texas to learn new ways to teach science skills and learn from one another.

"When we go through these types of experiments and we can see where the flaws are, and where the kids are going to get tripped up, it's easier to go and facilitate for them," said Katherine Borne, who teaches AP Environmental Science at Sachse High.

She tackled an experiment idea after seeing how it would be the best way to motivate her students.
"We do a lot of lab already, but the more involved I get them the most it's going to stick with them," Borne said.

It's called "Summmer Institutes." The National Math and Science Initiative puts it on each year to inspire teachers to not just try new things, but understand them.

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