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NMSI Expands Military Families Mission Program in Florida

The National Math and Science Initiative and the Department of Defense STEM announce the launch of the Military Families Mission Program at two military-connected schools in Brevard County, FL. This program is designed to increase mastery of College-Level concepts among students historically under-represented in STEM.

With military-connected students moving anywhere from six to nine times throughout their elementary and secondary school years, NMSI leans on the College Board’s Advanced Placement framework to create consistent learning all over the country. This ensures that students can stay on track academically and that they can progress without having to start over once they reach a new school.

“This grant opportunity was created to serve military-connected students because their academic situation is so tumultuous and unique,” said Dr. Bernard Harris, Executive Director of Business Development and Fundraising. “We want every student to have access to rigorous and high-quality STEM education opportunities, and now even more students will be able to. NMSI is on track to connect students with growth opportunities in STEM education.”

DoD STEM offers dedicated funding to STEM education programs to support various unique internship and career opportunities with NMSI. As a result, students enrolled in these programs have already seen a 45 percent increase in college-level concept mastery compared to the nation’s 5.6 percent.

“Students who are moving from place to place are already pushing themselves to catch up; the last thing we want is for them to feel like they can’t pursue their passions,” said Louie Lopez, DoD STEM Director. “Our Military Family Schools program with NMSI keeps students engaged and driven amidst changing learning environments. It’s building the STEM leaders of tomorrow.”

Every student at Viera High School and Satellite High School will be eligible to participate in STEM education opportunities through the two-year program. An event to celebrate the partnership is scheduled for Thursday, March 2.

The program partnership is made possible with dedicated funding from the Department of Defense’s STEM Education & Outreach office through the Defense STEM Education Consortium (DSEC).

To learn more about the Military Family Schools Program, visit this page.