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You understand the value of high-quality STEM education. 


For children in high-poverty schools, STEM education means out-of-date books, old technology, and lackluster instruction. NMSI changes that — with support from people like you. Your support provides students with supplies, skilled teachers, and college-readiness resources.  


Nerds grow up and change the world if given the opportunity. Today’s nerds will cure diseases, build unimaginable technologies, and improve the world.

Your donation gives the next generation of nerds the tools to unlock their potential.

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Your support improves lives for K-12 students at underfunded schools.  

  • $50 provides a student with classroom materials and supplies.
  • $96 pays for the AP exam for a low-income scholar.  
  • $174 delivers one full year of AP studies and academic support from NMSI.

NMSI uses 86 cents of every $1 donated to pay for services that improve STEM education.

2 million students 

directly supported by NMSI in their STEM studies

65,000 teachers

trained by expert educators through NMSI

35% Increase

in student enrollment for AP courses


"I felt like NMSI really taught me new things that I missed the first time we learned it with our regular teacher. And it helped to see a different perspective to approach different problems."
Anthony Munoz, student 
IDEA College Prep San Juan, TX
"For us, the biggest piece was a cultural change. That would not have been able to happen as quickly and to the same level as if we didn't have those professional developments and collaboration time and intervention."
April Ragland, Assistant Principal
Peters Township High School, PA
"I've never felt like I was just in this alone. I always felt like I had the resources that I needed, and that NMSI was always there for me, to help me be successful in the classroom."
Shona Brown, District Instructional Coach
Mesquite ISD, TX