School leaders have a critical role in building cultures that invite and challenge all students, including those who are part of communities that have been underrepresented in advanced education. We connect school leaders to help them learn from each other and we provide essential tools for the growth, cultivation and success of their AP programs.

Leaders Create Change

School leaders' engagement is critical to ensuring all students are set up for academic success. NMSI partners with schools and districts to form strong teams of leaders who foster inclusive cultures across their school systems.

Teams Create Sustainability

Cultural change takes 5-7 years to stick, but the average administrator stays at a high school for less than two years. That's why NMSI helps establish strong leadership teams to sustain long-term success.

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We’ve partnered with more than 600 school systems across 36 states and the District of Columbia to increase access to high-quality STEM education. Find out how we can contribute to your community. 

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Leadership Development Workshops

We offer workshops for leadership teams to learn and engage in rich discussions about culture, access, partnerships and sustainability. These workshops help teams drill down to their ultimate "why" and design a Strategic Action Plan to achieve success in their community.

NMSI invites leaders to share successes they are finding through their Strategic Action Plans. Each session includes a short presentation, Q&A and small group breakouts to discuss how those leaders' solutions might apply to other schools and systems.

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