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Texas Teacher Represents NMSI At National Science Conference


I’m a lifetime supporter and cheerleader for NMSI. I’ve attended the Laying the Foundation training for five years and teach high school science in White Settlement, Texas. At the National Science Teaching Association STEM Forum & Expo in San Francisco last month, I had the incredible opportunity to attend as a NMSI representative and speak about my experiences with both the LTF and UTeach programs.
I connected with many attendees about the invaluable education I received through the UTeach program at The University of Texas at Dallas, which has a partnership with NMSI. This program equipped me with a strong ability to curriculum map, lesson plan, differentiate and maintain high rigor. It’s helped me relate to students in ways that made my first teaching job fruitful and less stressful. UTeach molded me into an educator who can successfully build six preps from scratch in three years (for two new classes each year). My involvement in UTeach also allows me to attend LTF at no cost to me. This is an investment in my professional development, which benefits my students. It was a pleasure to speak with others at the STEM forum about the high-quality lesson resources, incredible trainers who I’m still in touch with and the networking opportunities that LTF provides.

Brittany-Medford_NSTA-blog-Aug-2019.jpgAlong with my time at the booth raving about NMSI, I also explored the exhibit hall and attended sessions during the forum. My passion was reignited, and my drive to increase STEM awareness and education was recharged.

The next step is to begin advocating with decision-makers. I want all educators and education stakeholders to know a high-quality STEM education doesn’t require extra time or money. It does require developing intuition and critical thinking in students by presenting real-life
phenomena to explore through cross-curricular connections. A STEM education is important, and it’s doable with access to well-equipped teachers and support from schools.
From the NSTA sessions I attended, I received tips for building partnerships with local colleges and corporate workforces, tools to implement a schoolwide STEM day and access to an engaging STEM assessment that I will use with students wondering what path to pursue after high school.
I will forever be grateful for the vision and investment of NMSI, both personally and for the colleagues I’ve met through LTF. I look forward to future partnerships with my new NMSI colleagues.