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Students Share Benefits of AP Classes With Peers

It’s one thing for teachers to recommend classes and services to students, but it’s a different experience when students get recommendations from their peers. That was the idea behind the student-led Advanced Placement & NMSI Night event at C. Milton Wright High School in Bel Air, Maryland.
 Event Poster provided by C. Milton Wright.
Jeanie Neuman, counselor and eight-year veteran at C. Milton Wright, encouraged seniors to conduct the virtual program. “We wanted student ambassadors - many of which are in national honor societies - to conduct the program,” said Neuman. “This allowed them to use service-learning hours that are necessary to remain enrolled in these honor societies. So, the students were invested in the process.” 
In addition to creating the PowerPoint presentation for the event, invitations went out before winter break to students in grades 10 - 11 for all schools in Hartford County involved in  NMSI’s College Readiness Program. “It was an opportunity for students to share the pros and cons, as they see it, in taking AP classes in general - not just the math and science ones,”, shares Neuman. 
Many of the student ambassadors are also involved with NMSI’s Online Student Study Supports. Neuman says the students find it “helpful to be able to go through the information again, especially things that they’ve learned about back in September-October of the year, in preparation for Spring exams.”
In all, between 30-40 attendees joined the February AP & NMSI Night event, including parents who were invited to take part towards the end. After the session, students who were interested in learning more about AP courses for next year were instructed to talk with school counselors. “When we had a similar event last fall, a school leader with NMSI conducted the program. Having the event in February this time, which for us is close to our class registration discussions for next year, helps us discuss and guide students into AP classes that will be best for them.” 

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